Saturday, December 31, 2016

That's all Folks! Farewell from The Last Stand

Well it seems everything awesome has to come to end sooner or later. That time has to be now for The Last Stand. We have been here for years through thick and thin. Fat and skinny and back to fat. Well you get the idea.

For a small blog that started with a few high school friends wanting to voice their opinions and humor, I think we succeeded to some degree. Well one of us did. *cough cough I'm only one here for the last 5 or so years. I digress.

This isn't goodbye. It's just a I'll see you later. I will come back. Not like Jesus back but more like Phil Collins back. (That's the one where I'll come back here and there with new things.)

I love you all and Goodnight!

Happy New Years everyone!

If anyone wishes to join the team and take lead. Just email me please. I'm nice and don't bite (often...kidding..maybe..)

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