Thursday, February 12, 2015

What has happened to The Last Stand?

If you have been a pretty frequent visitor on The Last Stand over the last 7 years then you probably have been wondering what happened to it.

Well, the site started as a little project in high school with a few friends getting together to make a site dedicated to movie, game, and comic news by geeks for geeks. We started out very strong and grew steadily over the years to surpassing 100k in viewership. The team ended up with just me taking on everything and keeping the site going. So what happened to posting last year?

The main site has taken a backseat while I'm wanting to do a makeover from top to bottom. The site is still very much alive and going on Twitter. So make sure to follow us @the_last_stand.

College and work will limit me from always being on top of the news coming out posting on the site but I will do my best. Also, there will be more top list and editorials done along with returning reviews of movies.

If anyone is interested to writing for The Last Stand or helping remodel the site then email me!

Thank you for visiting and we want to gain your follow and keep it going for years to come.

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