Thursday, February 19, 2015

6 Actors Who Should be the New Spider-Man

Some big news has been unveiled a couple of weeks ago involving ol' Spidey and Marvel. Spider-Man is coming home! (well sort of). Lets Explain!

Earlier, Sony Pictures (who owns the screen rights to Spider-Man and Company) decided to partner up with Marvel Studios and bring Spider-Man to the famous Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This is gigantic news regarding big studios working together and bringing together something the fans always wanted. They announced he will show up Captain America: Civil War and then a new solo film on July 28, 2017 that will go back to high school years. This means recasting Spider-Man unfortunately.

We are still a little hurt that Andrew Garfield will be leaving the role because he was Peter Parker. Can Marvel and Sony cast someone better? We have been researching for them and have come up with a few choices that should get a look at by them when the time comes.

Check out the full list and even a Bonus person!

Notice we have no mention of Peter Parker above, this is because at this point of time we have no idea if Marvel wants to use him in their MCU. Personally, I don't like the idea of Marvel finally getting back one of their biggest characters and not going with the original most famous version of him. Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

I understand the interest of using Miles Morales (half African American/half Puerto Rican), the ultimate Spider-Man version since 2011. He is a breath of fresh air and has an origin story that is different and we haven't seen on film yet. So with our list we will include are top picks for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Logan Lerman 

Logan Lerman has been in the running for the part for a while now (back to 2010 against Garfield). He does hold all the qualities of a young Peter Parker and is pretty popular character actor with Percy Jackson under his belt but the kid deserves a franchise that could show off his good qualities. If they decide to go towards a high school version, or even college years, he would fit both greatly.

Dylan O'Brien 

Dylan O'Brien came out of nowhere the last couple of years. He was turning some heads while on MTV's Teen Wolf and then blew up last year with The Maze Runner. He fits the part physically but could be towards the edgier version of Peter Parker and not the nerdy classic one. Throw some glasses on him and he is good to go! Just look at the picture above. He almost looks like Andrew Garfield. It's a little uncanny, I mean "amazing". See what I did there. Although, he could be very busy with his Maze Runner series taking off with sequels. 

Nick Robinson 

Nick Robinson is more of an unknown at the moment but just wait until this summers Jurassic World.  He had a standout performance in Kings of Summer and could continue that momentum into Jurassic World and move to another huge franchise with Spider-Man. Also, he fits the age range (19) of a high school version along with college years. This could be a very interesting choice to see. 

Dylan Minnette 

This kid won't show up on many list but I believe he is very underrated in the roles he's been in. He looks the part as well and could be a strong surprise for most watchers. He hasn't had a main character role but deserves it. The only downside is it will likely not happen. He technically is already part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with being 'Blizzard' on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They don't like to mix up things I think. Hey you never know though. 

Cameron Monaghan

Another person on the list that many wouldn't see coming or really know outside of The Giver and Shameless. He has been acting from an early age (9) and has been doing one hell of a job since then. Just this week he has been making headlines with his rendition of The Joker on Gotham. If you haven't seen it yet just check it out! I would like to see this happen a lot after seeing it. 

Donald Glover 

He is the oldest and most controversial. Personally it would be awesome to have him as not Peter Parker but Miles Morales. The guy has been wanting to play Spider-Man for years and even had a big push with a hashtag #GloverforSpiderman back in 2010. He is a huge fan and the comic book writers and artist are even huge fans of him. They created a Spider-Man "Miles Morales" that is based on him and President Obama. The introduction of him to MCU would be a major step forward with bringing newer characters to it and it would a good origins story we haven't seen on film. I'm soooooo tired of  seeing Peter Parker's origin story. We all know it and don't need another version. 

BONUS: John Gallagher Jr. 

Ok, John Gallagher is a personal favorite of mine for the role of a slightly older Peter Parker. He has that edgy nerdy feel to him and he has the body type of him. If you have ever seen him in The Newsroom, then you know what I'm talking about, he has the fast/geek talk down and the personality to be comedic and serious at same time. I think the angle of a slightly older Peter Parker in the middle of the Civil War would work perfectly. Go the Affleck Batman route and acknowledge he's been around for a few years and keep the origin story for a prequel down the road. We all know it from this generation and the last. There is no wrong that could happen from this. 

There are plenty of actors out there perfect for the part. Many deserve it but only one can get it. 

Who do you think should play the part? Which version of Spider-Man should it be? Anybody you really hate for it? Lets us know! Speak your mind and let it be heard! 

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