Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ellen Page Cast As Robin in Batman Vs. Superman!!

This might come to shock to many people but they announced today that Ellen Page has been cast as the boy (girl?) -wonder in Batman Vs. Superman. They are really getting edgy in this whole film with Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor and Ben Affleck as the man himself, Batman.

The news was broke today in a press conference that had Page in attendance. She stated that "Robin has always been a character I loved in comics" and continued to say "I really wanted the part so bad and I went to Zack and told him my take on the character and he loved it,"  She went into detail about how she wanted the part over Kitty Pryde since the beginning but Nolan wouldn't have the character in his story. She thought she would seize the day with Snyder on board to direct it. Hey it seems to have worked!

Also she said some really intersting things at the end of it with a little comment about how she wants to "stay with the character for a long time even into her later age and BEYOND." Beyond as in Batman Beyond?? Say what!?!

More news to follow

Oh and April Fools!!!!! Don't believe a word of this because its not true. Except the Lex Luthor bit. I still can't believe thats true....early April Fools with that one, huh Warner Bros?? (elbow jab in ribs).

Now back to serious news for the day...

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