Tuesday, August 27, 2013

6 Reasons Ben Affleck Can Rock Batman

Ok I know I missed like the biggest news of geek world since they announced the movie itself at Comic-Con, but lets get it out of the way shall we. Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel titled Batman vs. Superman. That sentence is usually a joke thrown around but it is quite real and happening. I for one (of not many actually) think it could work! Here are my reasons why Ben Affleck can rock being Batman.

We Were Wrong In the Past 

This will be just about everyone's main point of defense for the casting choice. It is also one of the best in almost any case. When Michael Keaton was cast as the Dark Knight himself as well, we freaked out because we couldn't fathom Mr. Mom being Bruce Wayne, let alone, a dark figure like Batman. It turned out amazing and he is still one of the best guys to wear the cowl. He wasn't the only one either. Quite possibly the best villain of all-time, the Joker,  got a aussie romance movie guy cast as him. That turned out to be one of the best casting decisions in recent memory, if not history. He got an academy award for it even! 

It's Not the Same Ben From 10 Years Ago

Ben Affleck's career is something of dreams. Both nightmares and the sweetest of sweet dreams. He sprouted up in the 90s with some low-budget comedies and hit big around Armageddon and took off from there. His acting abilities didn't really show up great until Changing Lanes. He started showing some abilities. He took a dive with Gigli and Surviving Christmas. Lets not bring those up. He struck gold in 2006 with Hollywoodland (as Superman ironically) and hit after hit from then on! Also an academy award! (I know I keep bringing that up like it means something). 

He Has Been Here Before 

Ben Affleck is no stranger to wearing a skin-tight suit and mask. Growing up a huge Daredevil fan, he just had to take the role on. Don't get me wrong, Daredevil wasn't a great movie by any means, but it wasn't as bad as people seem to remember it. The film was full of missteps but mostly accredited to the director rather than Affleck. He was a great Matt Murdock but ehh Daredevil. That for Batman's sake, is a good thing because he knows what works and doesn't for him. He's been around the block.

He Will Bring More to Table Than Just Looks 

This guy is extremely multitalented. He wrote one of my all-time favorite 90s movies (Good Will Hunting) and directed and starred in another two great films (The Town, Argo). He has pushed himself to be better at everything involving a movie. Writer/Director/Actor is a big thing to grasp and he's seemed to master it. So having an academy award winning writer/director starring in a film, you are bound to hopefully get some feedback if you're Zack Snyder. That is like having 2 directors on set.

He Looks the Part Perfectly

Ben Affleck was chosen for more than his A-list name. He looks the part of a seasoned Bruce Wayne billionaire playboy and could pull off the The Dark Knight body-type and look. That jawline was made for a superhero mask. He is working out 2 hours a day for the part . So no doubt he will have the current Batman body-type that is popular in comics. I can see the Bruce Wayne part being fantastic but the Batman part is going to be a little hard to picture until I see some footage. He should have learned by now what made his Daredevil not that great.

Ben Affleck has caused quite a stir and revolt from Batfans over the weekend. I have to keep a more open mind about things because you can't just a character based on previous work. He isn't Uwe Boll! (fellow Boll haters know what i'm talking about.) I do think there could have been possibly better choices but there could be so many worse choices as well.

What is your thoughts? 

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