Monday, July 8, 2013

Why Pacific Rim Needs to be a Box Office Smash

Ok I normally don't do editorials on movies that haven't come out yet or any really at all based around this. So, I will say it straight up, Please, Please go and see Pacific Rim. I haven't seen it yet so I'm not sure if it will be as amazing as it looks. All I know is we need this movie to be a hit! For the sake of cinemas future.

Hollywood has a problem. They won't admit it but they do. It only sees the money in sequels, reboots, or adaptations of books or comics. So that leaves little room for the original movies to get made with proper budgets. Not many studios would take a risk of $100 million + on an original idea for a summer tent pole. Legendary Pictures did with the mega-movie Pacific Rim. Giant Robots and Monsters with Charlie Hunnam. High Concept right there.

The early tracking of Pacific Rim isn't looking too well. If everything goes how it's looking, then we could have this years version of Battleship (last years big budget film tanking). That isn't good for more than a studio losing money. Battleship and John Carter were different, they are adaptations of books and games. We the consumers are just as likely to blame for it as them. We go in groups to see this stuff usually.

As a fan of original material making it to big screen with a budget of $100 million +, I advise you to try and see this movie in theaters. We deserve other movies to get the chance to be big and bad and awesome. Lets try and turn this film tracking around and save cinema. I know its a big task, but I believe we can do it together.

Now, back to your regular scheduled programing.

P.S. I will be taking a slight vacation for the week so likely won't do any post. Just remember Comic-Con is just around the corner!

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