Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pick & Pull: July 31, 2013 - 3 Guns, Batman, Collider + More!

It's the return of the much loved weekly editorial for best comics to check out this week! Pick & Pull is back and just in time to see some great things in the making. This week we have Neil Gaiman joining Marvel in a way, 3 Guns is better than 2, and it's getting dark in here.

3 Guns #1 (of 6) - This is a sequel to 2 Guns (catchy title really). This time around they throw in a girl for you know more jokes and battles between each other. Looks pretty promising to be fun and action packed.

Batman Annual #2 - The first annual was pretty emotional with Mr. Freeze getting sweet and touching origins. So it's only natural to pick up the 2nd issue and see where we will go. This team has never really let us down in the emotional, action, or drama side of things.

Captain Midnight #1 - This is really part of the trend by Dark Horse to bring older characters back to life, but with Joshua Williams behind it, I have to pick it up!

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 - They are bringing one of Neil Gaiman's characters into the Marvel universe in a big way and it all starts here. Check out Angela in this issue!

Sheltered: A Pre-Apocalyptic Tale #1 - The title is just the cool strange part of it!

Collider #1 - This one snuck up on me and sounded so intriguing to sic-fi reader in me. It's like a mixture of Fringe and other sci-fi goodies.

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