Monday, June 3, 2013

DC Announces September Villain Month Titles + Cool 3D Covers

DC Comics announced back in April, they were going to plan a "Villain Month" for September. This will be a way to celebrate the anniversary of the New 52. They finally unveiled how this will happen and announced the first couple of issues that will have some baddies take over the book. I really like the idea behind this and could be really awesome.

In an interview (via Buzzfeed ), Co-Publisher Dan Didio said, "This September we wanted to try something a little different and really explore our villain base, and show the challenges our heroes face with every story and every issue, because of the strength of the characters taking over their books in that month."

They continued to say that we won't see anybody brand new but will be introduced into the New 52 for the first time. I wonder who those could be hmmm. Also, they said all the big villains including The Joker, Lex Luthor, and Darkseid, will be making appearances. This will be epic, but I'm really excited for the big crossover event titled Forever Evil. It will have repercussions in the other titles as well.

Last big thing they hinted at is we might have a title or 2 continute as am ongoing series. Any ideas on who it will be?

Here are all of the awesome 3D titles! Make sure to check out the rest after the break!

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