Friday, May 10, 2013

Trailer for 'Gravity' Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney!

Warner Bros. debuted the trailer for a film I've been waiting very (un)patiently for awhile now for Gravity. I wasn't let down at all! Alfonso Cuaron is a very talented director that can suck you into the world he created no problem. His latest film is very sic-fi, it's about an astronaut (Sandra Bullock) going through space alone after a accident on the spacecraft. George Clooney is also in the movie as another astronaut, but rumors have been going around that Bullock spends much of the film alone in isolation. This will sure show us how good she can be as an actress.

This film was delayed to spend time on special effects and I must say it was money and time well spent! The atmosphere this thing gives out was truly spectaular and I was holding on to my chair because I was afraid of heights! IMAX will be glorious if I'm pussing out over a 21" monitor in my room. (Yes, my room people, we don't get budgets on this site).

Check out the trailer and the poster below for Gravity opening in theaters October 4th

Amazing trailer after jump 

Told you it was amazing! 

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