Monday, May 6, 2013

Luke Evans Cast in The Crow Reboot!

Ok folks after months and I mean a whole lot of months of speculation and rumors on who will be portraying the unlucky Eric Draven in The Crow reboot has finally been cast! Luke Evans will fill the leather and makeup of The Crow. I will say this is actually a pretty great actor to take the role.

This reboot had a lot problems getting started with nobody getting locked down for the role. It was actually getting a big boost with having art of A-lister Bradley Cooper drawn in the role, this would likely have caused some problems with the die hard fans. It would make this film a little too mainstream and some films aren't meant for that. (this isn't one). That fell through, so we got rumors that X-Men star James McAvoy was in the running. While good idea, it wasn't meant to be. Then came my favorite choice of them all. Tom Hiddleston came into the mix with reports saying he wants to be it so bad. Well that was just internet blowing everything out of portion over a single meeting. You probably think I'm done listing off but your wrong. Last before casting was out there rumors of True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard, but those never became more than just that. So after I just explained to you the last year or so in rumors, you can see how hard it is in Hollywood.

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