Monday, April 8, 2013

Spider-Man 4 Storyboards + Venom Art Hit the Web!

What if Spider-Man 4 was made and released instead of the reboot The Amazing Spider-Man? We may never know, but that is a perfect example of what we wonder how Spidey would have turned out differently. So all those people saying "There was going to be a Spider-Man 4?!", yes there was, and it was hyped to fix all the wrong number 3 did to the character and series.

The film was rushed into production with casting of John Malkovich as Vulture and Anne Hathaway as Black Cat. (just imagine those casting choices and ponder, would she take the role of Catwoman, which she made perfect?) So Many questions!!!!

Storyboardist *is that a word? hmmm* Well, storyboard artist *lets go with that one*  Jefrey Henderson has worked with director Sam Raimi on the film and did the storyboards for it before Sony pulled the web down on the film. He decided now was a good time to share some of them with the fans, but not many because he is afraid Sam will hunt him down for showing them. So he posted these which he felt comfortable enough to do for us. Check them out below with a cool drawing of Venom he did for Spider-Man 3 and a sweet spidey suit!

Check out the Venom and Amazing Spider-Man sketches after the jump!

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