Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pick & Pull: April 3, 2013 - Age of Ultron, Thanos Rising, Uber + More!

You know the drill fellow nerdisters (thats a world right?). Pick & Pull time is here and this week is very Marvel sided and independent sided. That isn't a bad thing at all. Marvel has some big stuff going down for the next few months and its all here now and its big. Also, we get a pretty decent sized new series. Check them out!


Age of Ultron #4 - Marvel has quite a big story on their hands with this series and its getting more epic every week. This week has some big turns and will likely start some fan fighting!

Thanos Rising #1 - with Ultron being a major book, why not give other publishers another punch with Thanos? He will have a huge part in Marvels future in comics and movies. We know that. Although, do we know that much about him? I think not. So Marvel has this sweet series to get us better aquatinted with the purple guy.

Uber #0 - I don't like how books do a #0, but this series made up with having a oversized issue that is very nice. All you really need to know is you have supersoliders and WWII.

Abe Sapien #1 - We love Hellboy and the whole universe he is in. We all love Abe. Great Idea give him his own ongoing series. Oh wait! They are doing that this week and it will be awesome!

Action Comics #19 - Here is a DC book that was in need of a lot of help. It has a new creative team behind it that hopefully can turn this forgettable series into a greatness and the first issue is shaping up nicely with them.

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