Wednesday, March 13, 2013

That Veronica Mars Movie is Up to the Fans with Kickstarter!

Veronica Mars was a tv series on UPN that last only 3 seasons before ending in 2007. The series has a pretty big cult following and has only grown over the past 6 years of it being gone. How do they fix that? They will finally make a movie based on the series bringing everyone back! The only thing is it will only be done if the fans fund it though Kickstarter.

Series creator Rob Thomas has finally figured out that fans are the people who can make this thing happen and the Kickstarter is asking for 2 million dollars to finance a low-budget movie and Warner Bros. has agreed to pay for marketing and release cost for a first quarter 2014 release. Pretty sweet huh? I think so.

The incentives range from a personalized voicemail from cast to a speaking role in film! There are many more of them so check them out on the official page at Veronica Mars Kickstarter and make a donation.

It looks like all the publicity this thing is getting is working great! The project has only been live for not even a day and has passed the 1 Million mark! Holy bejeepers! Keep the money coming fans and we can get a pretty sweet movie out of this thing.

Once again here is the official Kickstarter page

Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter 

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