Monday, March 4, 2013

Rumor: Christopher Nolan Overseeing Justice League, Zack Snyder Maybe Directing, and Christian Bale Back as Batman

This has to be one of the biggest rumors that Latino Review has released in a very long time (although they can be very credible). It blows the Marvel 'World War Hulk' Avengers storyline out of the water. Before I go any farther in this rumor…just know it is exactly that and I have trouble believing all of it. Just so many factors I see that go against it.

The rumor is a behemoth, Latino Review reported last night that Chris Nolan has already taken over the DC Universe at Warner Bros and every superhero film in production must go through him first. That is a huge thing to drop but lets move on first. Also, they said that Zack Snyder is going to co-produce, if not maybe direct it with Christian Bale returning as Bruce Wayne/Batman. This whole article just got crazy and your (if your a geek/nerd) mind is going nuts right now.

So lets get in the fine points of this and strip down them (the rumors, people).

Chris Nolan taking on godfather role over DC Universe 

Chris Nolan taking on a huge role in overseeing DC Universe pictures for Warner Bros. is a huge nerdgasm for all fans, but honestly what are the chances of him doing that. Nolan is known for giving us the biggest Batman series with arguably one of the best pictures of the century. He is a huge fan himself, but he doesn't want to always be doing superhero stuff and he's said that before. This man is a highly productive sought after director. How can the man who only works on one film at a time manage a vast catalogue of superheroes leading up to Justice League film. I think chances are slim for him to be a big contributor in the grand scheme, but maybe a guy to help bring the players together and make something happen and put in his 2 cents. I just don't see him in a Kevin Fiege role (only purpose is to manage Marvel films), he is a filmmaker. I give this rumor a plausibility, but not to the full extent of him being greatly involved.

Zack Snyder Producing and Possibility Directing 

Zack Snyder is a huge fan of all things comics and with a two great comic book films under him (300, Watchmen), and with hearing early reviews of Man of Steel being amazing, I can see this man up for the challenge of producing and even directing a Justice League film. He knows a lot about how the mechanics of these types of films work and has a great visual appearance in all of his films. The balance of Justice League resting on the shoulders of Man of Steel, If proven a success, Warner Bros. would be in great thought to get him on board. I think this rumor is very plausible and I can see him wanting to take on the film.

Christian Bale returning as Bruce Wayne aka Batman 

Here is the only really big problem I have with this rumor. Christian Bale is a great Batman, don't get me wrong, but he has said the only way he would come back was if Nolan came up to him with a way to make a fourth film work. Would Justice League be considered the fourth film? Warner Bros. reportedly wants to tie the world into The Dark Knight universe, while cool, would really make the 3 films have no meaning with seeing how Bruce Wayne became something bigger and changed things in Gotham and put up the cowl. Although, I do admit, since Man of Steel is said to be more down to each and in tone of the series, I can see it happening. I think I could adjust to it sooner or later. Still, it doesn't change the fact that Bale would likely only join if Nolan was somewhere on board. So it is true Nolan is overseeing it, Bale couldn't be to far behind the bandwagon. 

Just remember folks, these are all just rumors for now. No matter how crazy they are, you just never know. Latino Review has a pretty good track record with DC, but we all get stuff wrong sometime...

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