Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pick & Pull: March 6th, 2013 - Age of Ultron, Superman, Detective Comics, + More

It's that time again fellow brotherhood of Mutants (just kidding we are good kids right? Righhht?). This weeks pick & pull includes a finale to a big arc to a hero, A look at a hero after a big loss in family, and the new age of a villain that has been due to show up sooner or later.


Age of Ultron #1 - This series has been lingering around just waiting to come out with little bits of it being planted even way back in Avengers Vs X-Men series. We are going to see Ultron evolve and try to take over the earth and destroy humanity as we know it. Pretty exciting I know. The only people that can stop it is just about everyone in the Marvel universe take down this thing in a massive 10 part series.

Detective Comics #18 - Batman will be taking on a huge foe we all know is pretty crazy awesome. The Penguin. Batman just went through a very traumatizing time losing his one and only son and what better way to go rage crazy than take it out on Gotham scum. We will start to see how the death is affecting Bruce on a very personal level in this issue.

Superman #18 - The final issue in the "H'EL On Earth" story arc and it is a doozy. To win the final fight with H'EL, one of the members must make a fatale sacrifice to stop it. Some s@#$ goes down in this issue that will have repercussions.

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight (TB) - This is kind of a extra little thing I added that I think any Batman fan would love. This is the collection of an amazing elseworlds series that has Batman pitted against Jack The Ripper in a crazy battle in Gotham in the 1800s. Sounds cool, thats because it is.

More next week

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