Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pick & Pull: March 13, 2013 - Batman, Batman and Robin, Wolverine + More

It's finally here folks, Sorry for the late post but here are this weeks Pick & Pulls. They are actually very Batman related because of the recent events that have shaken the family. We get a comic book that is all silent for a special bird boy that passed away. *sniff* and a brand new series of a mutant favorite.


Batman and Robin #18 - This issue is very interesting because we are going to give Robin a moment of silence, well a whole issue. Ya thats right a whole comic with no dialogue I believe. Can't miss this!

Batman #18 - This series has become my favorite comic in recent history with Scott Snyder taking the Bat into a fantastic world and depth I haven't seen in years. This issue will also deal with Batmans loss of his son.

Wolverine #1 - Here isn't something Batman related, but equally awesome in every way. A new series about Wolverine that is rumored to be pretty awesome. So this is much check out!

Sledgehammer 44 #1 - This is a Hellboy character kicking some butt in world war II era and basically is a twisted version of Iron Man. Pretty awesome I know.

Hoax Hunters #8 - This series is kind of just filling my void of supernatural investigators until The X-Files makes it's return this summer. I am so excited. Oh ya this series is still pretty awesome and check out if you like stuff like that.

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