Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ant-Man Test Footage Leaked Online!

Last year at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, director Edgar Wright showed some apparently awesome test footage (it is, I can vouch for it now), and we who couldn't attend didn't get a chance to see it. That is changed now! Yesterday the footage was leaked online after they screened it again over in the UK at "The Best of BUG" event. I don't know what that is exactly,but that is besides the point of the story. The big thing is someone videotaped the footage and posted it online for us all to see. Disney has made it very clear they don't want it online by taking it down everywhere by today….well almost everywhere that is. I have found a link that works!! (for now).

Click on Pic to watch video after jump! 

Video is after jump. Make sure to check out it is awesome! 

Here is Edgar Wright's test footage for Ant-Man

***Note: This source has a lot of ads, but the video is there I promise. Just got to get through the valley of ads. Sorry if any are NSFW.

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