Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sony Unveils PS4! Release Date, DualShock 4, PlayStation Eye, and Specs

We have a LOT of info to get to with Sony unveiling Playstation 4 (PS4) along with a few little cool things. Although, it still feels like we didn't get very much at the same time. Good work Sony, Good work. So here is rundown of all the things they announced today with a few post afterwards of some of the individual items like the DualShock 4 and user interface.

First off..Sony never actually gave us a look at the system itself. Weird I know. It kind of makes you think they were trying to jump the gun on getting it announced before Microsoft. I will say it seems they have finished the internal hardware because they unveiled some pretty awesome info on the guts this beast is filled with. Expect some time to get a look at the external hardware because my best guess is they haven't found the perfect shape for it yet.

Holiday 2013 Release Date 

They announced exactly what the header says, the window for release is holiday season 2013. So expect a lot of press from now until then about it. 

PS4 Specs

Those are some pretty good specs that really improve on the PS3's greatest features, while greatly improving its faults. The custom AMD Jaguar CPU core is usually targeted for low power machines like entry level PCs or tablets. Thats still doesn't give us the whole story because with it being custom, we have no real clue how powerful this thing is. The big part I notice was the 8GB ram memory this thing has, which is a huge step up from PS3's 512mb ram. Also, another big part is the increase from 2x to 6x blu-ray drive, which will increase speeds drastically. I'm liking what I'm seeing here. 

DualShock 4 Controller 

Here is like the only Hardware wise thing they did unveil besides the Playstation Eye. This is also my favorite thing they gave us to gawk at the entire event. I say that with some dislike though, I am a fan of the classic DualShock controller and this thing is changing a little bit for my taste. They took away the select and start buttons and added a share and options button with a giant touchpad in center. I do like the redone d-pad and buttons, while interested in the light bar that changes colors to reflect, lets say health bar on the game. More in-depth look at the new controller in a little bit. 

PlayStation Eye 

Sony didn't give us the greatest first look at this new Playstation Eye, but with what they did release, it's a mighty big threat to Microsofts Kinect. Not only will this work with PlayStation Move and the new DualShock 4 controller, it is packing some good specs. It has dual cameras that individually capture 1280x800 pixel RAW/YUV video at 30fps each. So thats a huge update from the old single lens eye at 640x480 video. Also, you can log-in with facial recognition and has 4 microphones to actually be able to hear you, while being able to see you as it can rotate up to 85 degrees. Pretty much a beast. 

More news to come with the demos and the use of Gaikai 

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