Friday, February 15, 2013

Harrison Ford Playing Han Solo in Episode 7? Not Yet

Rumors on the hugely anticipated 7th film in the Star Wars series have been everywhere since they announced that they will make it a new trilogy. Well, now we hear a rumor that has some good meat to it and kind of makes sense to do. The news is Harrison Ford is talking about returning to the Star Wars universe as Han Solo!

This is just huge news because it will give us ideas where Disney will go with the new movies. Rumors since we get a return of the original series, we will see the film set 35 years in future and eventually give the films to the new cast to do their thing. I can buy into that, but please don't let these prequel films happen..yet. We need to move forward at this time in the world not backwards.

The news broke earlier saying he was cast as the part, but now the news is changing to he's in talks with EW writer Geoff Boucher tweeted this:

So, there is still talk of it happening! Just going to take some time. 

More news to come  

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