Friday, February 1, 2013

Comics: Batman and Robin Annual #1 Review

Okay, here is my first review of comics on the site….so stay with me here. I've been slowly working my way back into comics over the last few months catching up on everything from the New 52 to Marvel NOW. My top interest have been Batman for a while now, (used to be Marvel, but Batman is just killing it right now). I'll try to do a review on the current epic crossover "Death of a Family" soon, but for now lets stay a little light-hearted with one truly great annual. 

Batman and Robin Annual #1 is written by Peter J. Tomasi, who currently writes the series, and drawn by long-time DC artist Adrian Syaf. Syaf isn't the normal artist of the series, but I have no complaints there at all! His art is just beautiful throughout the entire annual. It just has a way of storytelling in itself. In one panel we have a heartfelt looking moment then the next a brawl in the streets of gotham. The atmosphere of the issue is greatly helped by Syaf. 

The real great heartwarming moments come from the dialogue Tomasi has accomplished perfectly to get that smile out of you. Tomasi has had one great story arc after the next in the series, but with recent issues taking darker tones for the family arc, we kind of needed a lighter issue. It shows us this is a family that does care for each other more than just having each others back in battle. After all they are father and son. The story is simple yet heart warming because we see Bruce reconnecting with his families past, while we see Damien going out and patrolling as a miniature batman. Smiles shall commence throughout almost every page. 

This issue is full of tenderness heartwarming family bonding we honestly don't see very much in the Wayne house, while keeping action in the streets of Gotham there. I actually kind of like Damien more, which says a lot. Guaranteed smiles are from Alfred doing his acting and his great sense of humor. 


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