Monday, January 14, 2013

Scott Gimple is New Showrunner for The Walking Dead

AMC has had quite a hard time on keeping a showrunner for the mega-hit series The Walking Dead over just three seasons. First they loose creator/first showrunner Frank Darabont during season 2 (due to conflicts). Then, a few weeks ago, replacement showrunner Glen Mazzara announced he would leave after completing season 3. That is not looking too good for this hit show, but today TV Line gave the news that current supervising producer Scott Gimple will take over the undead reigns starting with season 4. 

Mazzara stated only "over a difference of opinion" as the reason for leaving the show after he made quite possibly the best season of the show. That really is hard to get a straight reason for leaving, but we heard everything from him getting into it with creator Robert Kirkman to difference with AMC over where to go next. Lets hope Gimple can keep the show fresh and awesome like this season has been. 

The Walking Dead returns February 10th

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