Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Trailer of Superman: Unbound

Warner Bros. Home Video has finally realeased the trailer for their next animated DC film Superman: Unbound. The DC Animated films have always been great and with Bruce Timm backing them, they can be bound for greatness.

This adaptation is based on the 2008 Action Comics story arc from 2008 "Brainiac". It will have matt Bomer voicing Clark Kent/Superman. Damn, no George Newburn or Tim Daley but I'll give him a chance. Stana Katic and Molly Quinn as Lois Lane and Supergirl. Rounding out the cast is the great John Noble as Brainiac. *Great villain casting there*

Superman:Unbound will hit DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD later this year

check out the trailer (via Nerdist) here

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Justice League Film Depends on Man of Steel Box Office

Well, this news really isn't surprising at all. Variety did a very long article on Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov and talked about the franchises they have with Hangover, Hobbit, yada yadada yada, ahh here is the part, they state that the life of Justice League film is depending on how well Man of Steel does with everyone and makes a pretty penny. Variety States

Further out, the studio's planning a "Justice League" tentpole -- encompassing DC Comics mainstays Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and the Green Lantern -- on the order of Marvel's "The Avengers." Will Beall is scripting but no director has been attached yet.

Stakes are high for "Man of Steel." Other than Nolan's Batpics, Warners has not been able to effectively exploit the DC library. Its 2011 "Green Lantern" underperformed, and a "Justice League" film wouldn't likely be in theaters before 2015, as Warner's top brass has indicated that they are awaiting the results of "Man of Steel," which opens June 14, before moving further ahead.
 There you have it. Nothing really different than people talking business. They just really need to have a better approach at casting, picking directors, and getting the films all together in same universe. Green Lantern failed at pretty much all those, but Man of Steel is shaping up to be rather good looking. Just have to wait and see if we get to the team gear up together.

Rumor: Iron Man 3 to Have Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo?

If Marvel does one thing great, that one thing is cameos in all their films to date. All the way back to Iron Man 1 to The Avengers. So why would it stop at Iron Man 3? I didn't think it would, but hearing Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr., say 
“But we can’t help it — everywhere you look now in every Marvel movie there are opportunities where certain new pals of [Tony’s] could be useful. So they’re in the atmosphere, so to speak, but I wouldn’t expect to see them on the ground in this one.”
See! Good play on words there good sir. The choice of words never really gave us any proof he will team up to battle, but they never touch ground gives us something around like Guardians of the Galaxy.  Guardians isn't even casting yet, but maybe we will see something filmed before the release this summer.

Here is the pretty slick "deep space suit" for Iron Man 3 toy line. It's adorable and gives us some spoilers about were Tony will take an adventure to.

Also, Latino Review got a exclusive news from their "insiders" saying
"According to sources, at the end of Iron Man 3, Tony actually does go up into space to hook up with the Guardians of The Galaxy where I also hear he appears at the end of that movie as well." 
That is pretty huge news! This fits perfectly into Marvels grand scheme of cameos quite nicely. Then guessing all this will end up with Thanos being villain for The Avengers 2.

More news to follow

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Official Now! Lucasfilm Confirms J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars: Episode VII

The biggest news of the year, that J.J. Abrams will direct Star Wars 7, has finally been confirmed by Disney and Lucasfilm earlier this weekend with this briefly (long) statement about it. So here it is folks

J.J. Abrams will direct Star Wars: Episode VII, the first of a new series of Star Wars films to come from Lucasfilm under the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy. Abrams will be directing and Academy Award-winning writer Michael Arndt will write the screenplay.

"It's very exciting to have J.J. aboard leading the charge as we set off to make a new Star Wars movie," said Kennedy. "J.J. is the perfect director to helm this. Beyond having such great instincts as a filmmaker, he has an intuitive understanding of this franchise. He understands the essence of the Star Wars experience, and will bring that talent to create an unforgettable motion picture."

George Lucas went on to say "I've consistently been impressed with J.J. as a filmmaker and storyteller. He's an ideal choice to direct the new Star Wars film and the legacy couldn't be in better hands."

"To be a part of the next chapter of the Star Wars saga, to collaborate with Kathy Kennedy and this remarkable group of people, is an absolute honor," J.J. Abrams said. "I may be even more grateful to George Lucas now than I was as a kid."

J.J., his longtime producing partner Bryan Burk, and Bad Robot are on board to produce along with Kathleen Kennedy under the Disney | Lucasfilm banner.

Also consulting on the project are Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg. Kasdan has a long history with Lucasfilm, as screenwriter on The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Return of the Jedi. Kinberg was writer on Sherlock Holmes and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Abrams and his production company Bad Robot have a proven track record of blockbuster movies that feature complex action, heartfelt drama, iconic heroes and fantastic production values with such credits as Star Trek, Super 8, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, and this year's Star Trek Into Darkness. Abrams has worked with Lucasfilm's preeminent postproduction facilities, Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound, on all of the feature films he has directed, beginning with Mission: Impossible III. He also created or co-created such acclaimed television series as Felicity, Alias, Lost and Fringe.

I for one, had called it! He was one of the directors I knew could handle the series in my editorial a few months ago here . I can't wait to see this come together. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Official Pic From Kick-Ass 2!

Entertainment Weekly will run the first official look at Kick-Ass 2 this week and it is pretty awesome.

The Photo gives us a great look at Jim Carrey portraying Colonel Stars and Stripes with his awesome crime-fighting dog. Also, we see Kick-Ass, Aaron Johnson, in full suit.

In the action-comedy sequel Kick-Ass 2, the eponymous hero joins a superhero team called Justice Forever, led by Colonel Stars and Stripes. Chloe Grace Moretz reprises her role as Mindy, but has "given up Hit Girl and is trying to be a normal teenage," says Jeff Wadlow, who picks up the directing reigns from Matthew Vaughn.

Kick-Ass 2 hits theaters on June 28th

via Popculturology

Monday, January 14, 2013

Jurassic Park IV is Really Happening! Release Date Set for 2014

Jurassic Park is a series that, well, has seen better days and ended with a so-so third film…or so we thought. There has been rumors for the last 10 years about a fourth film in the series to be made and nothing other than "we are waiting for the right story" or "soon folks". Where will the hurting of wondering end?! Well, that time is now!

Jurassic Park IV has officially been set in the ol' movie calendar by Universal for June 12, 2014! That is only a year and half away and with no director or script in yet, that is ballsy.

Steven Spielberg won't be back to direct, but he will be back to produce. Pretty exciting still! All, we know is that, and it's planned for a 3D release. Although, it has been rumored that the writers of Rise of the Planet of the Apes are tackling a draft now and almost ready to turn in. Time will tell.

Until next year, we can still catch the original Jurassic Park film in 3D and 3D IMAX this April 5th!

Scott Gimple is New Showrunner for The Walking Dead

AMC has had quite a hard time on keeping a showrunner for the mega-hit series The Walking Dead over just three seasons. First they loose creator/first showrunner Frank Darabont during season 2 (due to conflicts). Then, a few weeks ago, replacement showrunner Glen Mazzara announced he would leave after completing season 3. That is not looking too good for this hit show, but today TV Line gave the news that current supervising producer Scott Gimple will take over the undead reigns starting with season 4. 

Mazzara stated only "over a difference of opinion" as the reason for leaving the show after he made quite possibly the best season of the show. That really is hard to get a straight reason for leaving, but we heard everything from him getting into it with creator Robert Kirkman to difference with AMC over where to go next. Lets hope Gimple can keep the show fresh and awesome like this season has been. 

The Walking Dead returns February 10th

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin and Chris Meloni Join Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

The last 24 hours have been huge for Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller! They announced some pretty spectacular additions to the already all-star cast of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Early in the hours, they announced that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be added to the cast as a brand new character named "Johnny". He is "a cocky gambler who disguises a darker mission to destroy his most foul enemy at his best game." Sounds perfect for JGL, who has really risen to bigger stardom these past few years than ever before. He was offered role in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and turned it down. That is ballsy move and smart move on his part. This film is better suited for him.

The next big announcement was Chris Meloni will be getting some silver screen time (much needed)! His role is a bit vague at the moment with the exception of him being a lead and playing a police officer (go figure, but still awesome).

The last one of the day was pretty awesome in my book. Josh Brolin will play "Dwight", who we previously saw in the first film. Your probably (or not) thinking "hey Clive Owen played Dwight first, why is Josh Brolin taking over?!). Well, since this is a prequel we will see how Dwight ends up with a handsome british face and not a Brolin face. I am very excited to see where this will go and how it will turn out on film. Rodriguez stated ""Dwight is a constant character throughout the Sin City world and 'A Dame To Kill For' is a defining episode in his life. We're looking forward to Josh's take on Dwight," .

The filming is currently underway at Rodriguez's own Troublemaker Studios.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will hit theaters on October 4th.

Monday, January 7, 2013

23 Most Anticipated 2013 Movies

We didn't perish when the Mayans calendar ended (who really thought it would seriously…besides me..). 2013 is here! So you know what that means…more awesome movies for the year. 2013 is absolutely loaded with numerous big films and actually I had to make my list jumbo sized just to fit most of ones I think will be worth seeing! The genres range from comedy to sci-fi and everything in-between. Some are sequels, adaptations, and even original. I now give you an ultimate list of films that are most anticipated for this new year.

Star Trek Into Darkness (May 17th)

J.J. Abrams is a sci-fi god. He has recreated the Star Trek magic when he decided to reboot it back in 2009. He has really gone all out on making this sequel by the looks of it. Just having his name attached to this film in every way makes this film stand out above the crowd because he is truly a visionary that has been given one of his favorite franchises to make and form a magic with his geek mind. I seriously can not wait for this film to hit theaters this summer after seeing the teaser trailer. Yes just the teaser trailer that you can check out here

Pacific Rim (July 11th)

This film has taken me by surprise over the last few months. I remember long ago hearing about this film being made by the master of fantasy Guillermo del Toro and I was very interested in it being I used to love the dubbed Godzilla films as a kid. Heard the huge positive feedback from Comic-Con last July and was instantly needing to know more. Well, when that first trailer got released…I was blown away! Just seeing this spectacular special effect unfold with Charlie Hunnam giving a voice over = epicness! This film will take most by surprise in a good way hopefully. 

Man of Steel (June 14th)

We haven't seen Superman on the big screen for a few years now (7 to be exact), and we can mostly owe that to how much of a bad taste Superman Returns left in fans mouths. Me not really being one of those because even though we got only about 2 punches and stabbing…oh and a piano to a guys well body, it was still a decent Superman flick. Zack Snyder taking over with Christopher Nolan producing and helping develop it from the beginning, we are bound to have quite possibly the most badass Superman yet. No red underwear anymore means new Superman. High Hopes on this and I have a good feeling about it finding the magic we got with Batman. 

Iron Man 3 (May 3rd)

Iron Man is one great character that is a perfect mix of action star, comedian, drama, and most of superhero. Iron Man helped establish Marvel as big guns in the cinemas back in 08, although Iron Man 2 was lets say lackluster in plot and a few other areas. They rushed to fast. Iron Man 3 is something to anticipate so much because we have a new team behind the camera that consist of the guy who wrote Lethal Weapon and directed/wrote Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. I expect great action with great dark comedy that will fit perfectly with Tony Stark. This needs to be the rebirth of the man in iron and I believe it will be by the various things we have seen on it lately. 

Oblivion (April 26th)

Oblivion is high on my list because Tom Cruise does two things amazing. Action and Sci-fi. This involves both to the fullest by the looks of it. Having the director of Tron: Legacy make another sic-fi film with Tom Cruise just sounds good to say. Legacy might not be the best film out there but it was beautiful looking and having Oblivion based on a novel. We should get a great looking film with a great plot. Oh and Morgan Freeman is in it! This is a nice refreshment in sci-fi and I can't wait to check this out. Oh did I mention Morgan Freeman is in it!? 

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (December 13th)

Peter Jackson made the best possible adaptation of The Lord of The Rings and he still had some left in him to complete the prequel trilogy of The Hobbit. The first film was a fantastic prequel that fits perfectly within the series and at 48fps it was very different and worth seeing and waiting for the next film in the series. Now the year wait begins for us to see more of this Smaug guy. 

Kick-Ass 2 (June 28th)

Kick-Ass took me and everyone else by surprise when we saw a superhero that killed with just so much blood…so much and by a 12 yr old girl! We were introduced to Hit-Girl and Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy. It was amazing *mostly because Nic was great in a newer movie*. The plot was just fun and original and having a sequel makes us seriously excited seeing where Dave will go with a new super hero team that has the funny guy from Scrubs and the legendary Jim Carrey!

The list goes on and on and If you haven't seen your top films yet, maybe they are after the jump hmmm…Check after jump! Many other films you should anticipate ranging from actors playing themselves in a apocalypse to getting to see Jonny Depp play cowboys and indians. Check them out!