Thursday, December 6, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness Announcement Trailer is EPIC!!

Star Trek Into Darkness looks more like it should be called Star Trek Into Epicness! This has to be one of the best (if not only) announcement trailers I've ever seen. We get to see so much stuff going on and see the villain! Is it KHAN??IS IT KHANNN??? No, I believe it isn't sorry fellow Trekkies. It could be him but the clues are not pointing towards him, but more towards Gary Mitchell. *sounds really not scary or bad guy sounding like blade, machete, slash, basically anything involving a knife*. Most of Trekkies are arguing over who the hell this villain can be and we get that name thrown around along with Garth of Izar, or Kirk's Brother from another timeline, or even Picard. Let's just say some of those sound really good but others uhmm not so much. Sorry Picard.

Here are the 2 trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness. The first is the official U.S. trailer while the other is the Japanese version with 14 extra seconds! They get everything good now *stop with hands crossed*. The extra 14 seconds gives Trekkies a familiar scene from Wrath of Khan.

Also, this is just a teaser for a trailer! How can they top this on Decemeber 17th and watch 9 I mean 9! minutes of footage in IMAX with the Hobbit at select locations. (in next article) 

U.S. Version 

Japanese Version (Bonus Footage/Scene) 

Live Long And Prosper!! 

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