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Top 10 DC Comic Characters Deserving a TV Show

DC Comics is getting around pretty good these last couple of years with getting some truly great tv shows out there that have a strong fan base and great stories to tell. They just kicked off the newer series Arrow on CW and it is a surprise hit, being Green Arrow isn't a household name like Superman or Batman. So it gets you thinking what shows could they potentially develop that isn't based on the core characters of the universe (Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, etc…). Here is the list of some lesser known characters that deserve to have their own primetime showing on the small screen to get their story out there and told.

10. Grifter 

Cole Cash (Grifter) is a very cool person with a cool story. He is a little lesser known then the rest of the people on the list because he is fairly new and recently brought into the DC universe after Wildstorm went down the drain. He could be a great character for tv with his crazy action oriented life. He is on run from the government, the aliens that abducted him, and even his own brother who is tasked with finding him. 

9. Cyborg 

We have seen the funny Cyborg on Teen Titans before and love him, we seen him on Smallville played by the Famous Jet Jackson (anybody besides me love this tv show? come on)  but we need to see the badass Cyborg on the small screen. We need a sweet origins story and time to get to know him. His character is one with an odd beginning as a science experiment for his parents. 

8. Lobo 

Intergalactic Bounty hunter with attitude. Lobo is one cool dude that has one of the best sense of humors in DC and most badassness in the closets dimensions. He would be fantastic for having monsters of the week episodes of bounties. Just think of the possibilities. He made a brief appearance in the 90's Superman tv series and I will always have that memory close to my geek heart. 

7. Animal Man   

Buddy Baker is a great hero, family man, and deals with some scary stuff. He was never a big hero in the first 20 years of his existence, but with a big revamp in late 80's he became huge. He was an everyday man with a family. Animal Man could be a great tv series that deals with family drama and some great action and heroics. 

6. Jonah Hex

I'm quite honestly surprised that they have not tried to give this westerner his own tv series. He is perfect to compete against AMC shows like Hell on Wheels. Jonah Hex is a great character that has many layers under his skin. He is a great anti-hero that protect and avenges the innocent in the old west. Have a big baddie in a season and have some freak of the week episodes and perfect. 

Check out the Top 5 because they get way better 

5. Nightwing (Dick Grayson) 

I'm one huge fan of Nightwing. He is like the hip younger version of Batman. Give us his early years protecting his city, Bl├╝dhaven. That is even a cool name for a city. Dick Grayson's Nightwing is one pretty awesome guy that would be the closets we would get to a Batman tv series (other than Arrow, which has very very similar things happening like in Batman, but you know so). Get the right guy and good story we could have some pretty sweet seasons with some great villains and battles and drama. Don't forget drama. 

4. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon or Stephanie Brown) 

I know your probably wondering why I would put two Batman family characters on the list, but my only defense is they are so awesome and rich in backstory and characters themselves. Get either of the girls to play them, we get one great girl and a great story. One is the commissioners daughter and one is a badass girl that was even Robin. I see a vast background of material to build off of. 

3. Aquaman 

Aquaman will always be the butt of jokes for years to come and looked at as useless. Well, he shouldn't be, not with how his story is being told today. He is one cool guy that has been given a redeeming story  that is one of the best new 52 series out. I didn't think it could be done but it has. He is high on the list because we have had a glimpse of what it could have been a few years ago with the failed tv pilot that was pretty awesome and Smallville counterpart worthy. Give him a second chance WB, the man deserves it. 

2. The Spectre 

Not very known to most people, but my god this guy is awesome and scary at same time. He isn't like the other DC heroes, with them not understanding him very well. The tv series should take over the newest version the man in green with Crispus Allen. A good cop that was murdered by a dirty cop and the Spectre finds his corpse and takes him over and he can choose who needs punishment. Cool ehh. Not your typical hero, I love it! 

1. Gotham Central (GCPD) 

The absolute best story to be told on television from DC Comics. This series follows the best detectives in the Gotham area doing what needs to be done, catching bad guys of all types. Batman can't do all the work and these guys can do some real work, with great action, great mystery. It is perfect to bring this show to the tube sometime soon please. They could do straight adaptations of the comics with some tweaks and they could get watchers of CSI, Criminal Minds, and NYPD Blue (That is a show still right? hmm). I just want to see Gordon and Harvey Bullock get some crime done! 

That is the list, but others that were close to top 10 but just didn't cut it were Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and The Question. 

What do you think would be awesome for a DC show? 

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