Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pacific Rim Viral Marketing Is Very Awesome with Kaiju Attack and Blueprints

I have seen some pretty awesome Viral Marketing in my day, since way back before Cloverfield or TDK, and Pacific Rim viral is starting up to a pretty good high and I sense it will only get better.

This week has been big for Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim. So here are all the biggest viral events this week starting with an  Kaiju Emergecy System Test and blueprints to a Jaeger (giant robot). Then earlier today another video, this time a news event story in the vein of Cloverfield was released showing our first look at the giant monsters Kaijus. Also, more blueprints of other Jaegers that are in russian and japanese (blueprints are great aren't they?) and a cool letter from the British Air Command.

Check it all out here with trailers and blue prints, oh and that letter. So much stuff to get through!

Here are all the gloriously blue Blueprints of the Giant Robots called Jaegers

This fellow is Gipsy Danger (sounds dangerous)

Cherno Alpha (in russian language, just look at pics not words)

Finally, Coyote Tango (not sure what to say about him)

Oh ya, I mean this is the final thing I promise. The letter recruiting for pilots.

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