Monday, November 5, 2012

Editorial: Who Should Direct Star Wars: Episode 7?

Last week the huge news broke that Disney bought Lucasfilm from George Lucas and that Star Wars: Episode 7 will be happening very soon. 2015 to be exact! So with no director attached to the project ,after Lucas refuses to do anything, we have an opening that needs to be filled by someone with a true vision and can accomplish a great sic-fi opera film. So who could make the cut? Who has the guts to try ? Here is the short list of known directors I believe could take over the series and try to transform it into a new classic trilogy. Some of them are established in the sic-fi ranks, while some are a bit out there in style and emotion but could have the goods somewhere. Here is the list in no real particular order.

Jon Favreau 

Jon is one of the best men for the job for numerous reasons. He is a nerd with a sense of humor and vision of action and sic-fi. He is perfect for getting the tech and cgi looking amazing, all while being able to have great characters and development. He approached Iron Man with a vision and changed Marvel films for the best. He could very well make a character like Hans Solo come alive and have attitude. Already directed Ford before, again would be a no brainer. I am rooting for him to at least try and come up with a pitch to direct it. He has the goods. 

Matthew Vaughn

Vaughn is a more natural person for doing a fun role then some because he gets action, he gets humor, he gets awesomeness, most importantly he gets fans. He brought the world the legendary Kick-Ass and made it more mainstream for people and fans adored it just the same. He took over the reigns of X-Men from Bryan Singer and made a classic and one of best in series. If he took over for the Star Wars films he would be very conscious of what we want and what will be awesome on film. Expect great action and great characters. Also, I have big hunches he will be one of the finalist for the job because he recently backed out of X-Men and I wonder if this is the reason why? hmmmm. 

Neil Blomkamp 

This man is probably one of the biggest nerds making movies right now. I mean this guy spent years perfecting the Halo movie to be made and it got scrapped but that didn't stop him from making one hell of a good sic-fi movie with District 9. He works amazing with cgi effects and could bring the creatures and landscape to life with great direction no problem. He is a huge nerd and, even better, he is a true visionary. Expect big things from this man in the next few years with some original sic-fi films. 

Duncan Jones

To me, Jones is more like retro George Lucas than anyone else on this list because of his films to date. He is one of the only people making films to use models and they look damn good. Moon is one stunning film story and visually wise and reminds me how Lucas used to be back in beginnings with THX 1138 and Star Wars. Jones isn't very mainstream..yet, but he will make his mark soon and he could very well help bring Star Wars back to its roots of story and great practical effects with cgi mixed in.

Did I miss your vote for director? I have a few more names after the jump for you if your interested…

So the first page of people are who I believe would most likely take over the series and do good, are most likely to get hired easily, and are right for the job. That doesn't mean we can't have a few really out there votes. Here are the dream team of directors for most people that just won't likely happen. Hey we can dream though. I'm still voting for first 4 still! 

Steven Spielberg and James Cameron 

These guys aren't your average they are super directors! They are kings of sci-fi and even close friends with the Lucas crew. We would love to see it be done with them but they are both crazy busy over the next few years with Avatar worlds and a big robot film. (going to be big years).

J.J. Abrams

This man is currently the new breed of super directors and producers. Not only has this man taken over the "other" major sci-fi series (Star Trek *shhhh*) and made it amazing and brilliant, he has made fanboys of just about everything he even touches to produce or direct. He has taken his cue from the older major directors, he is one hell of a big geek himself. He knows the series in and out but I think he's a no go because of the Star Trek films and his big original ideas he's doing.

That is the list and add your favorite if you have another choice

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