Friday, October 12, 2012

Let's Help Make The Goon Movie Happen!!

Kickstarter is something that is making Hollywood and Music Industries a run for it's money. I love the idea of the people helping the filmmakers get filmed produced or band produce their next album and get a sweet incentive for helping. Well, a very special Kickstarter campaign has started for a project I've love to see get made so lets help get this film funded. I've been waiting for this film to get made for over 2 years, I even posted trailer way back then!

The Goon is a project that has great potential for a film with some big players behind the camera helping get it made like David Fincher (Fight Club, Zodiac, The Social Network) is producing. That is awesome and maybe the best person to help guide it into getting made.

They are only asking for $400,000 to get this film a Story Reel (basically animated storyboard with the voices and sound effects) to show to hollywood people to get backing. I'm excited! Lets do this because after 1 day they already have over $70,000!

Here is the Kickstarter Video that explains it all along with some cool art and the original trailer posted a few years ago.

The Goon 2010 Comic-Con Trailer

Benjamin Myers 

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