Thursday, October 11, 2012

Arrow Pilot Review

 Arrow has been on my must-see list for a few months now, because we need a Smallville replacement. After watching the pilot, I think we have found a replacement that succeeds where we never expected in CW universes. Action and badassness.


Arrow is the story of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, oh I mean "Arrow". Everything has to be shortened down in todays world for some reason. Well, anyway the story is about Oliver's return after being presumed dead for 5 years, while actually being stranded on a island. He was a big billionaire playboy who was known just for that and seemed to be just that type of Dbag. Then the Island changes him over those 5 years to become something different, something noble, becoming a hero.

The pilot opened up with the very cool rescue of Ollie who looks like a younger Tom Hanks from Cast Away. We see right off the back the amazing skill this person has acquired physically, mentally and with a Bow. Yes the famous bow. He is rescued by some fisherman with a kind of bad monologue and heads back to Starling City.

I'll try to keep more vague with the plot points because I shouldn't have to explain much more than it's very very similar to the Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy. Billionaire Kid is presumed dead, comes back from dead, takes up the mantle of an unknown hero. Still in love with the girl they left behind. Even if this time she has a great reason for not wanting to be with him. Who in there right mind would sleep with girlfriends sister on a cruise with your dad?

Alright even though the two stories are very similar it works overly well for the tv series. This is basically the 2nd tier Batman, since CW always wanted to get Batman origins series. Good thinking guys because Green Arrow is an underused character that is very cool. I like the similar background to realism and origins with Batman world because they change things to make it standout in a good way.

One very different thing I love about the show that makes it different from Smallville or any Batman series. Arrow kills. It's very odd having a DC Comics hero that kills air on a national channel. Pretty awesome finding that out.

Arrow does have great perks with having an engaging plot that leaves you wanting more, pretty fantastic action not usually scene on CW, and a realistic world. These points make this show a must tune in every week to see what happens next.

You thought I was going to leave it with no mean words. Well, I have a few but I believe they can work it out in later episodes. The dialogue is pretty kiddish and not very well written. They need to bring in some better writers for later episodes. And I do like the Stephen Amell as Oliver, but he isn't the best actor and has the same face in a lot of shots that require emotion. He smiles almost and it kind of makes me mad. Just saying.

The plot points that were set up for later episodes are very intriguing and leave me wanting more. Also, the Lost-style flashbacks during the episodes are leaving vast space for later episodes and season ,even, to see what happened to him on that island that transformed him. I love it.

I have found my Smallville replacement!

Pilot episode gets a 


Benjamin Myers

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