Friday, September 7, 2012

CW Developing Smallville-Style Wonder Woman Series 'Amazon'

Wonder Woman is trying very hard to get back in big leagues with Batman and Superman. We had a failed pilot for NBC last year, A script is in-development for a feature film and she will show up in the Justice League film in 2015. Well, folks she has been granted a new development treatment for The CW.

I made this so don't think it's official..I know its pretty legit looking too.
The CW and Warner Bros. Tv are developing a new tv series based around the earlier years/origins of Wonder Woman in the style of Smallville. The Series is called Amazon and has attached the great Allan Heinberg to helm the script and take it from there. Heinberg is ,possibly, the best person for the job, being a huge tv writer for female leads (The O.C., Gilmore Girls, and Grey's Anatomy) . Also he is a great comic book writer with works including Young Avengers, and, interesting enough, the Wonder Woman series. (Yep he knows his Amazonians well).

It should be noted that the series Amazon has not been picked up for production of the series, but it's only in developmental stages and hopefully gets a great script in and pilot filmed. I actually want to see this one.

Benjamin Myers 

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