Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Marvel and Fox might Swap Comic Book Characters! Story so far

This is some pretty cool and weird tactics for Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox (Fox) to get the best out of a deal over some comic book character like Daredevil and Galactus!

This whole fiasco started years ago when Marvel sold out the rights for its characters to big studios to make films. Well, in those contracts the characters will revert back to Marvel if a film based on the character is not made by a certain date. In this case, Daredevil is owned by Fox for now until October 10th this year, unless a film is in production of some sorts. Of course Fox doesn't want to rush into a big speed version of film making to produce a crap film to keep the rights. They have been in negoations of sorts with Marvel to offer a trade of characters for extended time period to make Daredevil. The characters are pretty good card for Fox to pull if they decide to play.

Marvel came up with a smart deal to get Fox to offer Marvel some Fantastic Four characters (not the core team) in that universe in exchange for a extended deadline for Daredevil. The big trade would bring the huge giant Galactus back to Marvel. This would allow for them to put him in later films, maybe even the Phase 2 Avenger films as a big villain. Marvel would really like to acquire Silver Surfer with the deal, but he is currently locked up in development of the Fantastic Four film currently in pre-production with director Josh Trank (Chronicle). This could be great news for Fox who is in talks with director Joe Carnahan (The Grey) for Daredevil. 

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Marvel is getting major points for being bold and offering this big of trade of its characters for looking this far in the future and knowing it will want these characters back to make the film. 

Both parties have big things to lose if they don't take the deal. Marvel will gain back Daredevil and maybe even make him a film to put him in same universe as The Avengers, but if they take deal, they get major baddies and characters that could tie nicely into the next big avengers film. Fox stands to lose Daredevil but keep characters for Fantastic Four film. The question for them is "who is more of a money maker?" Daredevil is promised to be darker, Miller styled 70s approach. (not family friendly enough for Marvel/Disney) or lose characters they have used in past films. 

Marvel and Fox won't comment on any of the details or even deals that are currently being discussed, but expect some sort of deals to be done by end of this week. Fox has a time limit that isn't long. The ball is in your corner Fox. Game on!! 

Benjamin Myers 

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