Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daredevil going to Marvel, Director Joe Carnahan Pitch

It's been a long last week with Daredevil being the center of attention for 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios. Like I posted last week with the Marvel Swap and earlier with Daredevil being dead. Now, its basically official that Daredevil is going home to Marvel! or at least Variety says so.

Reports say that the extension on the deadline for the film by 20th Century Fox was rejected. So with no time to get the film set up after they turned down the pitch by Joe Carnahan. 

Joe Carnahan did release some trailers he put together and had shown them to studio executives on monday. They include the PG-13 and NC-17 trailers with little difference, but a very cool idea of it being in the 70's. The trailer just puts scenes from movies and comics together to give a feel for what it would be like. Not bad if I do say so. 

Here are the pitch videos that Joe said went over great with everyone but just wasn't the right time. I say give the same pitch to Marvel in 2 months while wearing a Marvel/ Howard Duck shirt to show your a true fan. They will love it. 

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