Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ben Affleck Directing and Starring in Justice League Film?

I know you are likely scratching your head after reading that the guy from Gigli or Mall Rats is in the eyes of Warner Bros. to direct the highly anticipated superhero film Justice League! Well, it isn't that far fetched with Affleck becoming a very serious director in recent years with some critically popular films Gone Baby Gone and The Town. He has become one of hollywoods most sought after directors and he does come with a plus (or minus), he will only direct movies he stars in also to some capacity. So expect him to suit up likely.

Affleck, at the moment, is the only person the Will Beall (Gangster Squad) written Justice League script was sent to. This is a big move on Warner Bros. to show such hope that he will accept. The script was completed last summer but has been saved until they decided on who to offer the film to and it will bring DC Comics biggest heroes together including Batman, Superman, Green lantern, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. That is going to be one epic hero film that will rival The Avengers in all aspects. The craziest part is they are eying a possible Summer 2015 release date!!

I think this could be a mistake since we don't have any Marvel set-up with single films before hand. It could be smart for Warner Bros. to decide to have 2 films each year starting with Superman next year and have a film by 2018. Gives more time to tie the worlds together and give characters origins (excluding Superman and Batman). America needs some Flash and Wonder Woman introduction.

The only hold-up that could effect Ben from taking the job is the commitment. He is a high demand director and actor at the moment and if he took the job, it would put him unavailable as director the next couple of years. He still would be able to act in other films, likely, but limited number of time away from film.

The coolest part about it maybe coming in 2015 is it will square off agaist Joss Whedon's The Avengers 2. This could end up becoming the biggest battle ever at box office and nerds will rejoice everywhere.

Affleck is supposed to meet with Warner Bros. later this week to talk about it and maybe soon we get a decision on what he shall chose. I'm all for it!!!

Benjamin Myers 
Twitter: fusionman15

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