Saturday, July 14, 2012

Comic-Con: FIrst Footage of Pacific Rim Screened!

The Mega 3 hour Warner Bros. panel in Hall H today is full of amazing surprises today starting the panel off with Guillmero del Toro's (GDT) baby Pacific Rim! The room was transformed into the command center with all the screens showing footage. Then we learned a lot about how the movie was being made with no motion capture because robots don't move like humans. Then the film uses a lot of practical effects.

The first clip is shown! It's basically the trailer but has the robots battling on different terrains. Than a giant monster attacking a bridge and so much more carnage! this movie is gonna be amazing and original! I can't wait to get a official trailer for the film in future.

GDT said that after Comic-Con the press for Pacific Rim will go in "radio-silence mode" for the rest of year. That blows considering everyone (including me) would love to see a trailer for this film in near future. Hey, we always might get bootleg versions still hmm!!

Pacific Rim battles into theaters on July 12, 2013

Until a trailer pops up, here is the Pacific Rim Comic-Con poster released earlier this week

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