Sunday, July 15, 2012

Comic-Con: Ant-Man Logo and Test Footage shown!!

A big surprise at Marvel's Hall H panel for Iron Man 3 was the appearance of director Edgar Wright taking the stage to talk about Ant-Man! He came out and talked about the film and said he had some test footage of it and was joking that the attendees wouldn't want to see blue screens and wires. He than presented some test footage!

The footage opened with Ant-Man in a room somewhere sitting on an air conditioner vent that ended up leading to a hallway that is being guarded by some kind of agents (likely Shield). The costume is of Ant-Man is clearing a mixture of the silver age with modern day one. You see him running down the hallway and morphed into normal size and startled the guards, then went down to ant size again to punch one in the face. He kicked both the guards butts and ended the scene with that.

Wright says he has no casting announcements yet, but that should change in near future! fingers crossed for Nathan Fillion.

Here is the logo for Ant-Man

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