Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer!!

At midnight last night the new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man was released online! All I have to say is this will kick old Spider-Man's ass because of its pure awesomeness. Andrew Garfield takes the reigns of Spider-Man and he looks to do an amazing job. The cast is amazing and the way film looks down to the new uniform is flawless.

Even though Spider-Man is one of the biggest comic book characters of all-time, this summer he will be the underdog. I know that sounds weird but with the final chapter of Batman coming and the ultimate geek film in The Avengers coming, there is just a little room left for this reboot gem. The only thing I know for sure is I will be taking my amazing girlfriend to this movie and all the rest. I just know she will enjoy every second of them (multiple times).

The Amazing Spider-Man will sling into theaters on July 3

Benjamin Myers
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  1. And by "Girlfriend" do you mean that piece of rabbit fur you rub on your dick every night.

  2. Oh joy! Lol :) no but seriously sounds good.. Even though I'm not A geek . And I just laughed so hard at Dominic's comment