Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 10 Films of 2011

2011 has rightfully brought a fair share of bombs but they really have brought in a couple great films that will be loved for years to come. The variety this year is quite unusual for me because I have films about super heroes, southern girls, and a crazy awesome driver. I really have had a tough time getting this list narrowed down and even harder to actually place them in order. Just so difficult. So here is my very opinionated list of top movies of 2011. Enjoy.

10. Captain America: The First Avenger 

The first superhero movie on the list and it is really a fantastic adaptation of a character that was really hard to get screen ready. Not many people had faith in a movie about Captain America because he isn't as relatable to people in todays world as Batman or Iron Man are. Director Joe Johnston really went all the way with Captain and pulled a hit out of left field with a perfect origin story that was funny, awesome, and just plain fun. Not many origin stories have a lot of action that works. Great addition to the Marvel family of films.

9. The Adventures of Tintin 

If you thought this movie just a kids movie that would be cheap kiddie knock-off of Indiana Jones then you were so wrong. Tin Tin is filled with just amazing amount of action and not just kid action but adult-worthy action with just about something awesome happening every 2 minutes. The story was worthy of Indiana Jones with just enough mystery to keep kids locked in and perfect amount to keep adults watching it. The animation is simply amazing with plenty of moments your just looking in aww at the scenes background or action. It's crazy how Steven Spielberg has risen from the depths of action failure of Indiana Jones 4. Tintin is redeemable in every aspect.

8. The Muppets 

Who knew The Muppets could be cool again (were they cool before?) and gain critical acclaim? actor Jason Segel did. The thing that ended up proving this wasn't going to be a lame child movie was when the trailers were all coming out and they were just fantastic parodies of movies released at that time or making fun of themselves. The humor in the film has really taken people by surprise in a good way. It is childish enough to be funny to kids and there is that adult humor buried into it just perfectly. The Muppets are back and in style. Family film of the year.

7. The Help 

This is probably the only film on the list directed towards women, but it is such a great movie. The film has really shocked me with the fantastic acting of the lovely Emma Stone and Bryce Howard. Everyone in this film was fantastic. The story is just original (book) and transcends onto screen very easily. They went all out with the production value of actually being in the right era in the south. Oh and it will likely make most women cry or tear up (men will n..happen to you too)

6. X-Men: First Class

The best superhero film released in 2011 and it is by a long shot too. X-Men was the shiznit back with X-Men and X2 but ruined with X3 and Wolverine. It was up to the prequel to fix the reign of X-Men and they accomplished that and then some. This movie was perfect for showing how it all started and with great actors taking over for other great actors. We needed some background on these guys. The film has plenty of story and action to keep everyone entertained. I can't wait to see the next X-Men movie.

5. Warrior 

We have sports movies ranging from hockey to volleyball and everything in-between. So now it's time to get a MMA movie with heart. From the guy who made arguably the best hockey (sports) movie of all time Miracle, he has out did himself with a truly spine tingling battle between brothers to win a fight. The movie has amazing actors in the parts and they really make it hard to choose a side to want to win. Along with fighting scenes that are brutal realistic and awesome.

4. Super 8 

J.J. Abrams has really been on the top directors to watch for the past few years and this film has been one of the best kept secret films of recent years. Super 8 brings back feelings of nostalgia that have been absent for years..and I mean years. The thematic feeling of child like wonder and adventure haven't been seen since The goonies almost 30 years ago. The production was dead on with the 70s era and dialogue, that just adds to the amazing story and special effect.

3. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol 

It is so rare to have a fourth film in a series be the best one, Actually, unheard of in my opinion. Director Brad Bird has beaten those odds and just gave us the most amazing M:I ever. Most were scared to have a fourth one and a first time live-action director behind the camera, but with guidance from J.J. Abrams they won. The action is realistic with just stunning backdrops from all over the world. It is funny how the action goes from planned out to something failing and them improvising. It works so well. New additions in cast are gladly accepted by me. They needed it.

2. Source Code

This movie took my surprise. I thought it would be really good, but not amazing. I was so wrong. I fell in love with this movie from hearing more about the premise and everything else I heard it was more amazing. Source Code isn't a flawed time travel movie at all, it is clever and well thought out from beginning to end. The acting is just perfect with smart humor, amazing drama, and fantastic plot. You just end up getting involved in the action around every turn. Just absolutely amazing film.

1. Drive

The movie that just took everyone buy surprise for better or worse. The trailers made this film look like a mindless action film about revenge. Those were the most misleading trailers in years. This film is a smart independent film that was just crazy amazing. After the first 5 minutes you get the feel for film and it's not like anything I've really seen before. It draws you into it with a sense of wonder and originality. You never really know what will happen in the scene. It is an amazing feeling in todays film world. The acting was just perfect from every character being cast perfect. Everything is just amazing in this film from fantastic songs to the amazing story. The biggest great surprise of 2011.

Honerable mentions: The Lincoln Lawyer, Bridesmaids, Contagion, Reel Steal, Thor, and Harry Potter Part 7, Drive Angry 3D (pure fun).

Movies I haven't seen but think they are: The Artist, Limitless, Another Earth, Attack the Block, and J. Hoover.

Just can't wait to see what this year has to offer

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