Friday, January 20, 2012

Petition for Allergen-Free Girl Scout Cookies

I know this has nothing really to do with The Last Stand news but it is a very personal matter that I would like to be known to all the readers. The Girl Scouts do not currently have any allergen-free cookies that they sell. It's crazy knowing that approximately 132,000 current girl scouts are in fact not able to eat the cookies they sell. I personally know one myself that must eat gluten-free foods. So can you imagine how hard it must be for them to sell something they can't even enjoy themselves?

This is a petition that was started to show Girl Scouts that there is many customers that would love to be able to have some cookies. If you could please just follow the link or click on the permanent link above the search bar to your right to sign it and just know every signature helps. Tell everyone you know to sign it through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even if your rocking old school with Myspace. Thank you deeply from us at The Last Stand and my friends and family.

Here is link to petition

Petition link

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  1. Thank you so much this means everything to me and my family babe and we don't know how to thank you . But please everyone sign this!