Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 10 Worst Films of 2011

The end of the year is here and the Top 10 List must come out. Today's lucky list is… Worst films of 2011. This year is just full of blockbuster let downs and movies we knew where going to be terrible from the first trailer. Here is the infamous list you don't want to be seen on but want to see (not films on them though)

10. Transformers: Dark of  Moon

TF3 was actually not as bad as TF2 but it still makes the top 10 list. The acting in this movie was not good at all with Shia losing faith in the series (like us all) and bringing in a new love interest (below). Also, they brought in way too much comic-relief for their on good. The only thing this film had going for it was the FX and, while amazing, it lasted way too effin long. 3D was pretty good though. That isn't saying much either.

9. Cowboys & Aliens 

Cowboys & Aliens shouldn't go together like eggs and ketchup shouldn't but to some people they do. Those people are the reason this movie was made. The idea was out there and sounded great if they could make them work. In Some ways it did by going serious route with this movie. If it was comedy, I wouldn't like even give this movie a fighting chance. The acting was just superb with the material they had but the story was just lacking in most places. The poor main guy lost both his hookers to the aliens. Damn. I had high hopes for this movie but it was a let down mostly. 

8. Season of the Witch 

The only reason this movie isn't number one on the list is because Nic Cage's long hair wig made me laugh enough for to become amusing to me. Nothing else to say really, just bad movie all around. Sorry Nic. 

7. The Green Hornet 

This movie just didn't have me at first then after a few trailers it interested me. After seeing it, it lost me for good. I thought it had a bad actor playing the main part, but great actors in supporting roles that may have even stolen the movie. The directing was really good and did it's part of making it good. The story then made it lose just everything it had going for it along with the acting. 

6. Just Go With It 

Adam Sandler is an actor who has people that adore him and people who hate everything he makes with passion. I am a fan for the most part. Mostly earlier roles. This movie just had nothing real to gain from the over-the-top theme and way it played out. This could have been prevented with 2 simple lies or telling the truth from the start. The only great thing about it was Nick Swardson and Jennifer Aniston. The plot is pretty simple and easily figured out by a 4 year old. 

5. Battle: Los Angeles 

Battle: LA is another movie on the list that had aliens involved with something unrelated to sic-fi. It had a better idea to go all Saving Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down with aliens thrown in. It had amazing special effects and scenes. So why did this movie fail? The script and some acting. Just not having those will make any movie go down the drain. The dialogue was so bad it made me fall asleep almost. I think the writers watched every war film and stole every cliche it had or phrase with mediocre actors saying them this time. 

4. Dream House 

Dream House is likely the only film on the list to blasted by director and actors in it. The production company changed so much of the film that director Jim Sheridan wanted his named removed from it. That just says it all right there. The plot and acting had promise but was ruined not at their own accord, but producers. They cut the trailer to reveal the big plot twist and just from that gave up any chance it had of being scary because you knew it already. Daniel Craig did just fine with what he had to work with, even he has decided to not help the film and will not associate with it. Due to poor editing and choppy story this film fails. 

3. Green lantern 

Ryan Reynolds is my main reason for this placement. I love the guy, just not for this role. Hal Jordan is supposed to be a more serious grown-up man with sense. The film just lost it with a bad origin story that was lackluster in every way. I wanted to see the CGI suit work but it didn't. I wanted to see Ryan pull it off, he didn't. I wanted the action to be amazing and I'll just ask "what action?". I only hope DC gets their stuff together for future films and go serious not kiddie on it. Take some lessons from Marvel. 

2. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son 

They had no reason in the world to make this movie or the second one for that. Big Mommas House was a great funny action film. They just had to ruin it with a third film that had a horrible tv comedy story. The producers knew it was going to be bad and just a cash cow. I think the actors knew too, but they tried to have the most fun they could with it. The role is over used too much and actors are trying to work but can't with bad production value and trying to glee it up with songs. It is hard to get through the whole movie with this stuff thrown together. 

1. Sucker Punch 

Oh the high hopes I had for this film. They were so high and I was letdown in the worst of ways. I love Zack Snyders work and just adored the thought of him making n original film. Boy was I wrong on every level. This film is atrocious from beginning to end. The story is so childish and I think he took everything a 12 yr old boy looks up on google and gave it to a 12 yr old to write. Cheap labor. The story plays out like a bad video game with clues and levels with bosses. After the second boss battle it becomes just ridicules and boring. The next best part was when the credits started rolling and I walked out. Although, the FX were amazing but that is it. Nothing else was good at all. Biggest letdown of 2011. 

Dis-honarble mentions: I Am Number Four, Scream 4, Mr. Poppers Penguins, Beastly, and Dylan Dog. 

Movies I suspect are horrible but haven't seen: The Smurfs, Alvin and Chipmunks 3, Monte Carlo, and Jack and Jill. 

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