Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grown Ups Sequel In Works

Last years summer hit Grown Ups starring Adam Sandler and most of SNL cast of 95 (Spade, Rock, Schnieder) and new group member Kevin James will be getting a sequel if things go right. When I say right I really mean wrong for viewers. Just kidding…seriously though.

Sandler has never done a sequel before, so this will likely be his first pending his return. The sequel is only in-talks between Sony Pictures and Sandler's Happy Madison with writer Fred Wolf. Wolf wrote first one and groups other films including Joe Dirt, Dickie Roberts, and the really horrible Strange Wilderness.

Let's just be glad they decided to make a sequel to this film and not another Sandler movie. I mean any of them.

Benjamin Myers
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  1. I forgot to post on this one!! But I absolutely loved the first one :) I'm taking you to see this movie