Monday, November 28, 2011

Hi-Res Pics From The Dark Knight Rises

Earlier this week some poorly scanned photos of this months issue of Empire magazine made their way online. The images featured the main article about The Dark Knight Rises. It had some pretty awesome shots of Bane (Tom Hardy) and some of Batman (Christian Bale). They look pretty beastly.

Side Note: Just like back in 2007 with the IMAX showings of I Am Legend with opening scene of The Dark Knight, Nolan will be showing 6-7 minute opening of The Dark Knight Rises before IMAX of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol this December.

Here are the covers and images from the issue in Hi-Res.

Varient Issue Covers

Images Inside Magazine 

I can not wait to see this movie (8 times) in theaters next summer. Just kidding but seriously I'm not.

Benjamin Myers
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  1. Haha ya I know you'll probably drag me to see it right;) at least 4 times haha ;)