Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Crow Reboot Concept Art Online

If you were like me and really were weary of the news they were going to remake the classic The Crow, then you might be surprised at how cool it would have looked with director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks later) and mega-star Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) still attached.

The reboot had an amazing director attached and that was cool at first. Then they announced Bradley Cooper was attached to be the main character that returns from the dead as "the Crow". That news scared me and I'm sure hoards of other fans of the series. I just couldn't see the handsome blue-eyed player as the Crow. Well, we have been blessed with some of the concept art of Cooper as The Crow from site And it looks pretty bad ass. Too bad we lost the director then the main star. Who will replace him? no idea. 

Here is the cool looking concept art of Bradley Cooper as The Crow that was never made. Just click them to make them bigger. 

 Benjamin Myers
PSN ID and Twitter: fusionman15

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