Monday, October 24, 2011

HOW TO: Hide Newstand App in iOS 5 (Sorta)

So if your like me and have no desire to use the Newstand app that is undeletable after the update to iOS 5 then I have a solution for you! So you noticed that the app is not able to be put into a folder or deleted. That just sucks so much having an app we will never use. Some smart (bored) apple fans have found a bug in the software that lets you trick your iDevice to let you put the app in a folder. By putting the app in a folder renders the app useless and if you click on it, well it makes your home screen reboot. (Fun thing to do with friends iPods at school I assume.) So DON'T do this trick if you intend to use this app. Here are the steps you will have to do to make it work.

NOTE: You must work quickly on these steps to make the trick/fix to work.

Step #1- You must combine 2 apps (doesn't matter what 2 app) into a folder.

Step#2 - When the apps get bigger and the folder animation starts, You must QUICKLY! drag the Newsstand app over the folder. It should show up into the folder. It may take a few tries to get it right.

Step#3 - You now have a folder created with the dreaded Newstand app hiding from your home screen.

Random Fact: If for some reason you would like to get the stupid Newstand app to work just drag it out of the folder and it will work just fine. Good luck. 

Benjamin Myers
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