Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Horse News: War Horse Trailer and Mr. Ed Movie Planned

Today has been pretty busy with the horse genre. Seems like every studio is horsing around with the idea of doing horse movies again. I'd believe it if they wanted to remake black beauty again.

The full trailer for Steven Spielberg's drama/action film War Horse has made its way online. The movie looks amazing visually and has an enticing premise of following a horse through a war. This is his run for the oscars. Here is the trailer for War Horse which is riding into theaters on December 28.

Second in todays horse news is Fox 2000 is planning on bringing the classic 60's tv show Mr. Ed back to the big screen. Nothing is know about the film at this time other then the horse will be real not CGI. Thank god, but wait it will have that awkward CGI lip movements. They can never get that right, just go back to putting peanut butter on the gums of the horses mouth. Thats humane right?

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