Monday, January 17, 2011

First Look at COD: Black Ops' First Strike Map Pack

The first video evidence of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack First Strike has made its way online and it shows some pretty awesome and crazy levels.

The levels:

Kowloon: Based on the level from the campaign and was rebuilt from the ground up to be able to play multiplayer. The game features rooftop warfare and has numerous levels of roofs. Also, a cool addition is zip-lines that get you from rooftop to rooftop, but the bad thing is you are exposed with no weapon use.

Discovery: An Antarctic map based at a research station outpost that was left over from WWII. The level divided by a deep chasm with only a collapsable ice bridge connecting them. A pretty good sniper map with Nothing else seeming very interesting on the level.

Berlin Wall: Based at the Checkpoint Charlie area of Berlin. It is divided into the East and West sides. The combat is mostly longer range weapons because of longer range and high elevation areas. A cool and annoying feature is the No Mans Land full of auto turrets. You could cut a lot of time doing this, but risk dying very quick.

Stadium: Based in a ice hockey stadium and features close combat with great hiding spots. If your like me and prefer to be close to your enemy then your going to love this map. Plus is features a hockey rink.

The Zombie Map was not talked about and no news on that at this time.

First Strike will get released on Xbox 360 February 1st and no release date has been marked for PS3 and PC. I imagine it gets released when Second Strike gets released for 360 far in the future. That last part was a joke. (I Hope)

Benjamin Myers
PSN ID and Gamertag: fusionman15

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