Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gore Verbinski Taking On The Lone Ranger?

Deadline is reporting that director Gore Verbinksi is thinking about making Disney's The Lone Ranger his next project.

The Lone Ranger comic-book cover

If this news is true then The Lone Ranger would mark the 5th time that Verbinski has worked with Johnny Depp. That is so close to stealing Depp away from Tim Burton that there could be a Depp war between the two men.

The Lone Ranger was announced a few years ago by mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer and then came the news that Johnny Depp has been cast as The Lone Rangers sidekick Tonto. Although we have the sidekick there is no clue on who would portray The Lone Ranger himself. Rumors have been leaning towards George Clooney.

So is it good news that Gore Verbinski might take on The Lone Ranger with Depp as a Native American sidekick?

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