Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Scream 4 Screenshot

Entertainment Weekly got their hands on the first official screenshot from the upcoming horror film Scream 4.

The screenshot has Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox Arquette) walking through a barn with the ghostface killer behind her. The lighting is just amazing with the yellow colors really adding to the mood. It's cool that they will have a scene in a barn just like some classic horror movies including Friday The 13th and Halloween 5.

Some questions may pop into your head like Why does Gale have a ghostface mask? Does that mean there is multiple killers or is she a killer herself? Who Knows.

ET also says that the film takes place 10 years after the events in Scream 3. So, could Gale and Dewey be married like in real life. There is just so many questions.

No news when the trailer will be released, but production has ended last week with a tweet by director Wes Craven saying thats a wrap on Scream 4.

Scream 4 stabs into theaters on April 15, 2011

More news later

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