Monday, August 9, 2010

New Animated Tarzan coming in 3D

If you love Disney's Tarzan and really want to see a new one with more of Phil Collin's Beautiful music then your OUT of luck my friend, but if your a fan of germany-based Constantin Films and their main film series Resident Evil and Fantastic Four then your IN luck.

Variety is reporting that Constantin Films is bringing Tarzan back in animation, but Robert Kulzer and Reinhard Klooss will produce it and develop it as a CGI film in 3D. I don't know what to think this weird news because I wouldn't normally believe that a horror/action production company will make a CGI Tarzan movie.

Constantin Films in currently awaiting the release of Resident Evil: Afterlife and is starting production next month on Paul W.S. Anderson's 3D take on The Three Musketeers.

I will defiantly keep an eye on this project and update news when it becomes available.

Benjamin Myers
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