Monday, August 30, 2010

Cool Batman and Robin Sneakers

A really awesome guy named Daniel Reese paints shows for a living and I got to say they look amazing. He takes request from people and he tries to put an awesome design on some average Nike sneakers. He has a huge variety of versions from Call of Duty, Legos, Toy Story and many, many more.

He just finished these cool Batman and Robin Nikes and I really want to buy them bad. The problem is they are really expensive. They cost around 500 bucks in british money, I have no idea what that is in US currency.

Check them out at

Check out other cool shoes including Toy Story, 300, and Scooby Doo after the jump


Scooby Doo! Mystery Machine

Buzz Lightyear


Reservoir Dogs

Sin City

Many Many more awesome shoes at

Benjamin Myers
PSN ID and Gamertag: fusionman15

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