Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anna Paquin and Kristin Bell Cast in Scream 4

USA Today is reporting that Anna Paquin (True Blood) and Kristin Bell (Pulse) will have cameo's in the upcoming horror film Scream 4.

Anna Paquin and Kristin Bell 
My best guess is the two will likely be the characters killed in the opening scene. It's just way to late to actually cast full roles, but just enough time to get some up-and-coming stars to have cameos in the beginning and killed within 10 minutes. 

Also, it seems that the scipt just reached 140 pages, which means Scream 4 will be graciously long enough for hardcore fans like me. It sucks that Dimension films will probably cut it down drastically after test audiences that don't care about substance say it's to long.

Some good news is Scream 4 script just hit the 140 pages, which makes me so happy. This shows that they have one awesome twist and story to tell.

More good news is the production schedule has been extended from Labor day to September 24. They have more time for reshoots and script fine-tuning.

Scream 4 stabs into theaters on April 15, 2011.

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