Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hulu Plus on Playstation Plus

Starting today, subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service will have the opportunity to pay to preview Hulu Plus on the Playstation 3.  The PS3 will be the first console to feature the Hulu Plus service in 2010, with the Xbox 360 coming early in 2011.

Right now, only the select subscribers can pay an additional $9.99/month to have a sneak preview of the service with little content that can be watched.  All Playstation Plus subscribers will be able to download the free Hulu Plus application.  within the application, users can request an invite to the full service.

At first, Hulu Plus will be exclusive to Playstation Plus subscribers during the free preview period and non-Plus subscribers can get their hands on the app in later months.

I for one, will most likely not be getting this just because I already pay for TV with a lot more content and with no loading times.  Hulu Plus seems like it will be cool sometime in the future, but not right now.  Especially with the ridiculous price tag.  I think $9.99/month, plus the $50/year for Playstation Plus will be outrageous with the total price coming to $170 a year.  I think I'll pass.

Dominic Sacco
PSN ID: sacco2011

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